Cepi welcomes BASF as its newest partner

BASF is the latest addition to Cepi’s partnership programme with pulp and paper industry suppliers, reinforcing Cepi’s position as a key player in the process of defining a new, greener and more circular industrial model for the EU.

Cepi’s partnership programme answers the complexity of the paper value chain and the need for expertise on relevant issues. It serves as a forum for discussion and the exchange of technical information in the policy context of the EU. Current partners are OMYA, Voith, Valmet, Buckman and Afry.

The partnership with BASF specifically aims to strengthen information exchange, as well as transparency along the value chain, in the EU Green Deal’s context. The Green Deal is the flagship for EU’s climate change regulation. Its objectives in terms of decarbonisation and pollution abatement are supported by the paper industry and its value chain. BASF SE’s mid- to long-term target is to introduce biobased chemistry based on renewable and recycled feedstocks.

Cepi has already collaborated with BASF in the past. BASF is notably involved in the Pulp and Paper Value Chain Information System (P&P VIS), which was established to facilitate an exchange of chemical information along the value chain, and is active in the circular packaging alliance 4evergreen.

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