Cepac supports NHS emergency response with specialist packaging for ventilators

UK-based Cepac has contributed to a national drive to supply the NHS with emergency ventilators to be used to provide critical treatment for patients with severe cases of Covid-19. In response to the Government’s call to increase ventilator stocks, a consortium of UK aerospace, automotive and medical businesses – known as Ventilator Challenge UK – completed an accelerated design and testing programme.

Medical company Penlon created a device that received regulatory approval, using a design adapted from the manufacturer’s existing range of medical equipment. Cepac was called on to manufacture the multi component packaging to transport the Penlon ESO2 Emergency Ventilator, thanks to the company’s expertise in transit packaging at its Rawcliffe site. Working in partnership with Turner Packaging (who developed the initial packaging designs), the Cepac Rawcliffe team spent the last month printing, cutting and assembling thousands of units. The packaging is based on an engineered pallet with a receiving tray, surrounded by interlocking corrugate sleeves and cap. Foam is then glued on to the back, front and top fitting to keep the ventilators secure in transit.

Richard Moore, General Manager at Cepac Rawcliffe, said, “It’s great to see UK manufacturing expertise being used to support critical NHS care, with companies working together to supply ventilation equipment. Packaging plays a crucial role in this supply chain, and we’re proud to be helping the country to fight back against this dreadful disease. Producing these packaging units has allowed us to apply all our considerable planning and logistical skills – we’ve received 600 pallets of incoming materials in a very short time period and despatched over 150 lorry loads of finished goods so far.”

He concludes, “Our team has met the challenge, while ensuring our foremost priority of the health & safety of our employees, customers and suppliers. Strict protocols are in place throughout the plant, including social distancing and sanitisation. We have a great, dynamic team at Cepac Rawcliffe who have all worked exceptionally hard to support this national programme.”

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