Cepac launches CorSoft

UK-based Cepac has added to its innovative portfolio of products by offering CorSoft, a new cushioned corrugated product designed to offer optimum protection to items in transit. Cepac are believed to be the first corrugated manufacturer to offer this softlined product to the UK market.

CorSoft is corrugated packaging with a soft lining which is non-abrasive, light, recyclable and oil and water resistant. Developed at Cepac’s Rawcliffe plant, the product is particularly useful for packaging highly polished parts and uses have been identified in furniture, heating and automotive fields. Unlike foam or bubblewrap, CorSoft can be used on its own without the need for a secondary barrier.

A high-quality tissue liner, bonded with a non-woven LDPE (low-density polyethylene) surface, is used to produce the packaging, allowing products to come into direct contact with the packaging surface and minimising the risk of any damage.

Corset from Cepac

Cepac has continued to build on its reputation for the flexibility of its packaging solutions. With an innovation and project-driven ethos, CorSoft fits within the suite of speciality products the company offers, from the ultimate protection of CorShield to the high performance transit and display solution Bulkpac and interlocking trays of Loadpac.
In the short time that CorSoft has been available in the UK, the team at Cepac has already found considerable interest in the product’s properties. Not only does CorSoft eliminate the need for additional protective layers it is inherently cost-effective by reducing the costs of labour applying further protection to products. With all the benefits of a single corrugated construction, by its very nature CorSoft is a single waste stream, reducing costs further and underlining the product’s environmental credentials.

David Hainsworth, Sales Director at Cepac Rawcliffe said, “You put a piece of CorSoft in someone’s hand and they just get it. They touch it and think, ‘There are so many ways I can use this’. It’s useful for any situation where you need to transport a highly polished or finished surface and the opportunities are endless, you just have to use your imagination. Our flexible manufacturing operation and the investment in technology has allowed us to bring CorSoft to market.”

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