Celebration Packaging’s takeaway clamshells and trays are now PFAS-free

Celebration Packaging has confirmed that their range of white bagasse takeaway clamshells, dinnerware and chip trays are TÜV Home Compostable certified and are SGS certified as PFAS-free.

PFAS are a group of synthetic chemicals used in a wide variety of common applications, from fast food packaging and non-stick cookware to firefighting foams and stain repellant chemicals for clothing and carpets. PFAS do not naturally degrade, and although they are safe to be used in food packaging and cookware, PFAS can eventually contaminate groundwater following their release into the environment. Research is ongoing to assess the risk to humans from a buildup of PFAS in the human body. There are concerns that in very badly polluted areas a large amount of PFAS could accumulate in the blood and could cause cancers and infertility.

“We became aware of the PFAS issue some time ago and began to look for viable non-PFAS packaging in early 2022,” says Nick Burton, Managing Director, Celebration Packaging. “Since then, we have been working hard to ensure that we can deliver PFA-free packaging solutions for the takeaway, delivery and QSR sectors – and we are delighted to announce that all our white bagasse clamshells, dinnerware and chip trays are now TÜV home compostable and that they are PFAS-free.

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