Celebration Packaging’s sustainable bamboo fibre cups now certified 100% recyclable

In May, Celebration Packaging introduced a new range of double-wall hot drink cups made from sustainable bamboo fibre, under its long-established EnviroWare® brand. The company confirms that these cups have now received a Grade A rating for recyclability.

“When we launched these cups made from bamboo fibre just two months ago, I was proud to say that they are our most sustainable hot drink cups yet,” says Nick Burton, Managing Director. “Now we have certification to prove they are 100% recyclable, the statement is even more true. When we created the EnviroWare® brand, over 16 years ago, our declared mission was to seek out more sustainable packaging solutions. We have always believed that when sourcing sustainable packaging, the provenance of the raw materials is paramount – but ensuring it can be properly disposed of at its end-of-life is equally important.”

EnviroWare® bamboo fibre double-wall hot drink cups are made from FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified bamboo fibre – with a water-based lining – and are certified commercially compostable (DIN EN 13432:2000-12). Using the Papercycle Recyclability Assessment Method for fibre-based packaging products and materials, Papercycle Ltd has now issued Grade A certification that the cups are recyclable in standard paper mills.

Papercycle was developed by the Confederation of Paper Industries, supported by the UK’s paper-based Industries, and offers a comprehensive recyclability assessment tool to help determine the recyclability of fibre-based products.

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