CDP recognises UPM with triple ‘A’ for climate, forests and water security actions

UPM has been recognised with a triple ‘A’ score for its performance and transparent reporting on climate change, forests and water security by the global environmental non-profit CDP. Out of nearly 15,000 companies scored, UPM is one of only 12 companies that achieved the triple ‘A’.

“As a global forest industry company, all three angles of CDP are very important for us,” says Sami Lundgren, Vice President, Responsibility, UPM.

UPM’s climate action combines sustainable forestry, ambitious emission reduction targets and innovative, renewable products that can replace fossil-based materials and products.

“Sustainable use of forests is the basis for our business and our global Forest Action programme takes a holistic, global view on the impact of forestry, combining long-term targets and measures as well as tangible actions on climate, biodiversity, soil, water and social contribution. Reducing our reliance of fossil fuels and materials is crucial. We managed to reduce our fossil CO2 emissions by 8% last year and we are aligned with the -65% 2030 emission reduction target,” Lundgren explains.

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