CDP and EFI Nozomi inkjet technology bring sweet success to Bland Farms

Complete Design and Packaging (CDP), the corrugated display printer and home to the first EFI™ Nozomi single-pass inkjet digital corrugated printer in the U.S., has designed a replacement for litho and flexo printing for its customer, Bland Farms, the sweet onion grower, packer and shipper.

Traditionally, Bland Farms has used flexo printing for its corrugated display bins, limiting its ability to change designs quickly or switch between temporary promotions.

“We wanted something new and innovative to offer to our customers and the retailers, something that would make our products stand out. We wanted the ability to display them in different areas of the store and make changes frequently for when we have different promotions to run,” said Meg Robinson, sales and marketing manager, Vidalia Brands and Bland Farms.

Equipped with the Nozomi, CDP gives their customers the ability to utilize shorter runs, quick turnaround times, and design flexibility, without compromising on the quality of the packaging produced. Howard Bertram, CDP’s president, details how EFI Nozomi technology delivers digital production flexibility. “The print quality is phenomenal,” Bertram says. “When people see the print samples or production pieces from this machine, typically their first thought is, ‘Hey, that’s exactly like litho label!’ The Nozomi is the solution for us. It’s our future. Digital affords our customers to be so flexible, so quick, and market right down to the neighborhood, not nationally but regionally. You can’t do that efficiently with flexo or litho label.”

Integrating digital print into its marketing strategy has allowed Bland Farms to switch display designs with ease to ensure the brand is always grabbing customers’ attention at the point of purchase. Bland Farms was also able to maximize a successful promotion by leveraging digital’s rapid turnaround times to get the popular display back in stores quickly.

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