New U.S. plant sets multiple production records on a BHS Corrugated corrugator

During its first year of operation, Cascades-Piscataway in New Jersey set multiple production records on its 110-inch BHS Corrugated corrugator. As a direct result of the committed partnership between Cascades and BHS Corrugated, Cascades’ new corrugator set a "Start Up" record on the 56th day of production. The 110-inch, 1300 FPM, corrugator was installed in early 2018 and started up on April 24th. 

Mike Kelly, Cascades Project Leader stated, “We had three major goals for this corrugator: start-up quickly, produce high quality board and run fast. We selected a BHS corrugator because we knew they could achieve all three and this record proves us right."

On August 13, 2018, the team achieved 402,725 lineal feet in seven hours and 28 minutes; making it their first shift over 400,000 lineal feet produced. They averaged 53,936 lineal feet per hour, producing 3,420,328 square feet of board. In recognition of their record-breaking achievement, BHS Corrugated presented them with a “Platinum Performer” award in early December. 

The team at Cascades continued to push the machine, and on March 14, 2019 they logged their first shift over 600,000 lineal feet, producing 5,330,829 square feet in a 12-hour shift. BHS Corrugated presented the award during the Piscataway grand opening ceremony on April 18, 2019. Less than two months later the crew achieved their first 700,000+ lineal feet shift. On May 5, 2019, they produced 6,026,502 square feet in 12 hours, averaging 59,679 lineal feet per hour. BHS Corrugated will be on-site to present this latest award in the near future.