Cartonéo Chooses Esko Solutions

Cartonéo is a French company based in the Jura Mountains that specialises in the manufacture of point of sale (POS) and point of information (POI) materials from corrugated. Its customers come from sectors such as the food, automobile, cosmetics, wine and spirits and pharmaceutical industries. The group’s plan is to further develop its POS business. To achieve this ambition, Cartonéo has invested in Esko production workflow automation and a Kongsberg C66, Esko’s largest robotic cutting table.

The reason for this investment is simple – the market trend is for brands to differentiate themselves through customisation by producing small quantities of POS materials for special events and to customise materials by location. Cartonéo’s customers were also asking for POS materials made from heavy duty board and there was no way the company was going to pass up this exciting new market opportunity. To respond to the new requirements, Cartonéo invested in an HP Scitex 11000 wide format printer. To increase customer loyalty and bring in new customers, Cartonéo had to ensure these new POS products could be manufactured within extremely tight deadlines and in small quantities. The only cutting table it could use to meet these challenges was the Kongsberg C66. As a result of these decisions, the company now has a completely robotic production chain for the digital printing and cutting of small series POS materials. Even though the company is one hundred years old and based in a rural area, it is at the cutting edge of POS technology and now has a set-up that they claim is unique in the world.

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