Installs first Digital Inspection Table in Spain

The relationship between Cartonajes Santorromán and BOBST goes back more than 50 years, when they installed the first flatbed die-cutter. Since then, many Bobst machines have been installed. These include two Digital Inspection Tables (DIT), which were the first to reach Spain. 

Jesús Pérez, Technical Manager at Cartonajes Santorromán, explains,  “The company's philosophy is to constantly invest in infrastructure and technology for the manufacturing of corrugated board, as well as in any product that can be made using this material.”

In 2018, Santorromán installed two DIT, within three months of each other. Their function is to check the register between printed material, die-cut blank and artwork. It includes the possibility for a user to plug an existing spectrometric solution to the DIT in order to add the colour analysis to be added to the same quality check report. The first table was installed for the company’s Masterflex 203 A Matic. For Pérez, the change has been tremendous, as all the checks are now grouped together proving that the inspection plan has been carried out properly.

With the DIT, the quality check is digitalised and all the checks are grouped together without the machines having to be stopped. Each table serves two and a half die-cutters, which for the moment is sufficient for the company's five die-cutters.

Pérez explains that it is easy to install and operate the tables. “The Bobst experts installed the DIT in a couple of days and after a two-hour introduction, our operators already knew how to operate them. In addition, Bobst has remote access to the tables and that is reassurance for us. We have been able to reduce the number of machine personnel, from three to two per shift, freeing up staff time for other tasks. Our expectations are met and the hoped-for benefits in terms of quality and productivity have been achieved.”

Pérez adds, “The finer adjustments of colour and the print were previously checked on a computer screen, whereas now it is projected and magnified. The DIT can even digitally project the bar codes. Without doubt, a huge amount of time is saved and the quality guarantee is indisputable.”