Carton Manufacturers Honor Suppliers

The Independent Carton Group (ICG), an association of 18 independently owned and operated folding carton manufacturers, has presented Clearwater Paper Corp. and Henkel Corp. with the ICG Supplier of the Year Award for 2016. The award is presented annually to the ICG supplier that receives the highest marks on performance evaluations completed by ICG members for the prior calendar year. This is the first time in the history of the award that the member evaluations resulted in a tie, causing the group to present two suppliers with the coveted award.

This marks the fourth time since the introduction of the award six years ago that Clearwater Paper has received the award. It is the second such recognition for Henkel. Andrew Willie, Executive Director Emeritus of the ICG noted that, while these two companies continue to vie for the top spot, the vast majority of the ICG’s more than 40 suppliers achieve high rankings on the performance evaluations. Members rate suppliers on quality, delivery, accuracy, service, expertise and other key performance metrics.

The 2016 ICG Supplier of the Year Awards were presented during the group’s general membership meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, hosted by Dee Packaging Solutions, one of the ICG’s 18 members.

Clearwater Paper supplies ICG members with solid bleached sulfate (SBS) paperboard for use in the production of folding cartons and other paperboard packaging products.

Henkel, the largest producer of adhesives technologies in the world, supplies ICG members with adhesives, sealants and functional coatings for folding cartons, cases, corrugated boxes, labels, board lamination, packaging windows, and other packaging features. The partnership has its origins in an agreement between the ICG and National Starch and Chemical over a decade ago, and it continued upon Henkel’s acquisition of National Starch’s adhesives business in 2008.

From left, Joseph Wrona of Henkel; Kim Pearce and Jay Willie of the ICG; Barbara Eble, Lynn Weatherly and Robbin Rodgers of Clearwater Paper.  

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