Cartiera Fornaci choose ABB to transform paper testing

Italy-based Cartiera Fornaci has placed an order for ABB’s L&W Autoline paper testing equipment to be installed at its plant in Fagnano Olona.

The compact version of the technology unit will automate Cartiera Fornaci’s entire paper testing process, enhancing efficiency, accuracy and sustainability.

Cartiera Fornaci has been a staple of the Italian paper and board industry for over 60 years. Cartiera Fornaci’s mill, which delivers 55,000 tons of recycled cardboard between 360 to 1,000gsm to its customers annually, will leverage the L&W Autoline solution to replace its current manual testing processes. Some of the mill’s testing is currently carried out manually and in writing, a time-consuming process prone to human error. With the implementation of L&W Autoline, the Fornaci mill team will benefit from automated paper testing, which is typically 10 times faster than manual testing, with complete results available in under 10 minutes.
“We are excited to partner with ABB as they support us on our journey of digital transformation,” said Benedetta Cattaneo, Managing Director at Cartiera Fornaci. “We were captivated by L&W Autoline from the first demonstration and can clearly see the value it will deliver to our mill as we move away from manual, time intensive processes into a new age of automated insights.”

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