Carteco adds Chroma RDC from Celmacch

A new rotary die-cutter has recently been installed at CARTECO, the Italian converter based in Conselice, Ravenna province, who specialise in the production of fruit and vegetables boxes.

Carteco was founded as a specialist case erecting company for corrugated packaging in 1989. The successful results of this business led Carteco to start TECO, a company involved in the production and sales of automatic packaging machines. Teco, a company that manufactures machine systems, was founded in January 1995 and is the result of the experiences acquired in the field of packaging machines by Carteco.

Today, Carteco is a leading player in the fruit and vegetable packaging sector; they recently started production on the new Celmacch Chroma Cut.  The company has trusted Celmacch, installing the new Chroma RDC at its plant; a latest-generation Celmacch CUT High Tech 2400. The line is designed to achieve high graphics with exceptional print quality, as well as excellent die-cutting quality, thanks to innovation, continuous investment in the latest technological solutions, exclusive use of first-class components, simplicity and durability.

This machine is equipped with high-speed belt feeder, seven bottom printing units, rotary die-cutter  and dynamic bundle vacuum stripping stacker. All the peripherals, including the pre-feeder, breaker and palletiser, have been provided by Emmepi Group.

Carteco has an extensive know how in the production of boxes for fruit and vegetable, most of the jobs are printing on coated paper and the company is well known for its capabilities in high-definition printing. For this reason, the line has been equipped with automatic anilox changeover in each printing unit. To achieve the best printing result, some anilox rolls have high line counts equal to 400 lines/cm. The anilox rolls have been supplied by Simec and Apex – and thanks to this system, the changeover can be quickly carried out in less than four minutes.

The machine is equipped with quick set configuration, which allows the operator to access the machine during the production run, to prepare the next job even while the printer is running. After the last colour, just before the rotary die-cutting section, the machine is equipped with double vacuum transport sections which allows them to have proper space between the last printing unit and the RDC. In this space, the machine is equipped with the final IR drying system and the quality inspection system for achieving zero quality defect.

A high-spec bundle vacuum stripping stacker, produced by Celmacch, completes the machine, featuring high dynamic non-stop system to guarantee perfect sheet cleaning and stacking.

Celmacch will install several HBL rotary die cutters over the coming 12 months, both in Italy and abroad. “We believe that this configuration represents the state of the art of our technological offerings,” comments Luca Celotti, General Manager, Celmacch.

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