Carestia chooses Expertfold

Pays De Grasse, France-based Carestia will use EXPERTFOLD 50 to increase its in-house capabilities in sample packet and mini carton pack production across small, medium and large runs. The company’s long-term aim is also to win new markets beyond perfume and cosmetics and to broaden its reach into the accessories, food, wine and spirits sectors.

“Expertfold is the ideal solution for high-end cosmetic and perfumery products. Its dedicated tooling guarantees rapid production and controlled high quality”, explained Marie-Hélène Marcelli, Director at Carestia.

She continues, “We are excited to extend our capabilities in carton packaging and BOBST is the ideal partner for us. The Expertfold 50 clearly demonstrates the efficiency and operational flexibility that we need to expand into additional markets and we are confident that Bobst can provide us with the service and support to make it happen.”

Emilio Corti, Head of Sales for Business Unit Sheet-fed at Bobst, commented, “Carestia has partnered with Bobst for a number of years, installing die-cutters, hot foil stamping machines and folder-gluers. The business has seen the benefits of our machines first-hand and our collaboration is as much about our strategic input as it is technological assistance and expertise.”

Environmentally aware, Carestia has opted for the Bobst carbon neutrality certification. In collaboration with the Myclimate foundation, the Swiss manufacturer introduced this option last year in its portfolio. 

The total product carbon footprint of Expertfold 50/80/110 has been calculated, including the extraction/production of raw materials, their transport and packaging to the machine manufacturer, the production of the machine, the packaging of the final machine, as well as a share of the overhead consumption of the Bobst production site. According to international standards, each ton of CO2 is then compensated by a rate defined by Myclimate, resulting in the total cost of this new machine option. The amount is then invested in an international portfolio of environmental projects proposed by Myclimate. The aim is to fully compensate the carbon footprint produced by the production and delivery of Bobst equipment. For Carestia, having an environmentally responsible manufacturing process is important and they therefore decided to opt for the certification.

“We’re happy that Bobst can accompany our evolution in the carton packet business and we are convinced that this new machine will help us to win new markets,” concludes Marcelli.

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