Cardbox Packaging FSC CoC certified

Pittston, PA-based Cardbox Packaging has received Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certification from the Soil Association Certification. By becoming FSC CoC certified, Cardbox Packaging is able to address a growing customer need, the desire to use certified paper, and pulp-based materials.

“FSC certification is another way Cardbox Packaging is showing its commitment to environmental issues by being able to produce products that are FSC CoC certified.” states Michael Schaid, General Manager, Cardbox Packaging, Inc. “The FSC CoC provides assurance that customers are buying products sourced directly from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. The FSC system independently tracks, traces, and identifies wood fibers from the forest through every step of the procurement process, confirming that each supplier along the way follows rigorous controls, management, and reporting practices. We believe this system offers credibility and transparency and so is the necessity in our business.”

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