Carbon Neutral at Kite

Kite Packaging Group was first verified as Carbon Neutral in 2021 and April 2022 brought with it a renewed confirmation by Carbon Neutral Britain that Kite has offset carbon emissions for the current year.

In 2021, Kite successfully achieved carbon neutrality for Scopes 1 and 2 which included offsetting all of their own fuel. For 2022, the company have extended their offsetting to include their third-party deliveries which falls into Scope 3.

Therefore, all Kite trucks and outbound deliveries made by their third-party couriers will be offset and hence, carbon neutral. As a result, the whole group now operates with carbon neutral delivery, whether that’s between Kite’s RDCs and NDC or directly to their customers. This will be shown on all customer delivery notes.

To illustrate additional advancement on 2021’s certification of carbon neutrality, the employee share-owned company reveals that 70.64 tonnes of CO2 emissions were removed from the total this year by using renewable energy for electrical consumption. This reflects their strategy to only sign new contracts with renewable energy sources to bring their emissions to zero in this area.

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