Cambrica Corp is the new name

The company formerly known as Reissco Corp has changed its corporate identity to Cambrica Corp. The business’ main focus is Knowledge Management, specifically for the corrugated industry.

Andy Reissmann explains that Cambrica derives its name from the Cambrian Period during which time the Earth experienced a significant growth in life forms and bio diversity. “Equally, we see an explosion of data, both structured and unstructured, coming at us from many sources at an unprecedented pace,” explains Reissmann. “An agile business understands the importance of aggregating all available data about markets, customers and technologies, and transforming it into actionable knowledge to base on marketing efforts, investment decisions and product development. That is precisely why almost every Fortune 500 company invested in Knowledge Management solutions years ago.”

These days the technology has become much more affordable and attractive for the SMB business sector. Cambrica Corp provides Knowledge Management solutions for all technical and commercial segments of the business along with workflow and content management integration with Microsoft Office 365. Cambrica is a certified Microsoft Partner, a licensed partner of PoolParty Semantic Suite product, a leading technology platform for graph-based AI and metadata solutions, which has been named a visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2019 Metadata Management Solutions. Cambrica is also a licensed partner for SSG Insight, a provider of enterprise Asset Management Software.

For more information and to get a video link to the solutions, contact [email protected]

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