Callum Williams joins the presenter line-up at SPA 109th Conference

The SPA Committee has confirmed that Callum Williams will be joining the lineup of presenters at SPA 109th Conference to give a live Economics Update – ‘Has Globalisation run its course and how is the UK actually performing post Brexit / post pandemic’.

Williams is senior economics writer at The Economist. He joined in 2014 and covers global economic trends including the labour market, political economy and housing. He has been interviewed by the BBC World Service, Sky News and Al Jazeera, among others. He is the author of ‘The Classical School’ (Profile/Public Affairs, 2020), a book about the history of economic thought. He studied at Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard, where he was supervised by Amartya Sen; Williams will be a familiar face to those who attended SPA 3rd Online Conference in April 2021 where he appeared as Keynote Speaker.

SPA 109th Conference on Monday 17th June is taking place in Tewkesbury. In response to feedback from SPA Converter Sheet Plant Members, the event will focus on Automation, Robotics and Materials Handling. Full details for SPA 109th Conference are available on the SPA website

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