Call for Entries

AICC (the Independent Packaging Association), Board Converting News (BCN) and Corrugated Today announce the Call for Entries for the 2017 Innovator of the Year Competition. This year’s category is open to AICC General Members (boxmakers) that want to showcase innovations developed since September 2013. Previous winning entries have included, Employee wellness programs; Production tracking, efficiency and safety enhancing programs and devices; Tools that help plant, office and sales personnel; Employee recognition programmes and In-House Training programmes.

Co-sponsored by AICC, BCN, and Corrugated Today, the Innovator of the Year Competition provides an outlet for AICC’s boxmaker members to showcase their innovations that increase plant productivity, improve plant efficiency, enhance the workforce’s skill, safety and/or well-being or serves as the solution to a specific production or management problem. It is not just a competition of peers. It is an opportunity to recognize and promote the ingenuity and innovation of your company. Innovator of the Year achievements are often acknowledged by local business and community groups are featured in domestic and international publications and even on national TV shows.

The Innovator of the Year Competition will be held in conjunction with the AICC 2017 Annual Meeting (September 25-27) at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas. The winners will be selected by an AICC member vote during the General Session on Tuesday, September 26. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, September 27. Competition entry brochure, entry form and criteria is available on AICC’s website at

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