C&T to sell PlayMatrix 4.0

C&T Channel Matrix (C&T) will be selling the PlayMatrix 4.0, an automatic creasing matrix cutting system, across the UK with immediate effect.

This Italian manufactured machine, made by Mito, is for accurate cutting of creasing matrix. It is composed of six different tracks and is able to cut and store six reels at the same time. It has a measuring and transport system, an adjustable driving device for each track and a cutting device.

It can be used in manual mode to cut single pieces, or a series of pieces of the same size, or in automatic mode to cut different sizes and different types of creasing matrix, through the use of instructions generated by manual input or by reading of a DXF file.

The PlayMatrix 4.0 machine is ideal for boxmakers and large users of creasing matrix.

Simon Shenton, Managing Director at C&T Matrix said, “We have taken the decision to stock and distribute these machines. They represent great benefits over manual cutting of reduced wastage and less labour time and give more accurate and efficient cutting. With a relatively low cost of around £10k, we have calculated that these machines can give a ROI in approximately 12 months.”


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