BW Papersystems launches Hawk sheeter

BW Papersystems recently launched its newest addition to the broad range of sheeters: the Hawk sheeter. The Hawk, (the bigger brother of the eCon sheeter), is a standardised dual rotary sheeter at a fixed working width of 1650mm (65 inches). This medium range sheeter is designed to meet the needs of folding carton plants, small printers, paper merchants and paper and board converters as well as small and regional paper and board mills.

Available in two or four web configuration, with different manual and auto splicing unwind solutions and a single cut reject system, the Hawk allows for efficient in-house sheeting of both paper and board grades.

Hawk Sheeter from BW Papersystems

“In-house sheeting with the Hawk sheeter, instead of buying stacks of sheets, allows our customers to reduce inventory, eliminate pile turning, lower material cost and increase press performance,” says Patrick Walczak, VP Global Sales White Paper. “Plus, it increases size flexibility, as customers can cut different sizes on the Hawk sheeter, and finally allows for smaller order sizes which clearly is a huge advantage towards their customers.”

With its high-quality twin synchronous knife, an advanced speed curve and an air assisted heavy duty stacker, the stacks that leave the Hawk are press ready and of excellent quality. With its early track record of two machines already installed, a third about to ship and a couple more still to be built, the Hawk definitely follows the footsteps of eCon.
With selected options, like automatic tension control, automatic high-speed splicing or digital slitter settings, this sheeter can be configured for different requirements. Although offering an attractive price level for a quick ROI, the Hawk makes no compromise on reliability and diagnostics – knowing that the breakdown of a sheeter can quickly shut down production at printing and folding carton plants.

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