Corrugated Folding Carton

Scanpack andĀ Open House events in October

During the four day packaging exhibition — Scanpack — Lamina System AB also held an open house event. The exhibition, which ran from 23rd to 26th October, was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, less than 30 mins drive away from Lamina’s headquarters in Borås.

“The show was a great success for Lamina, as we met lots of customers from Scandinavian countries as well as from many other European countries,” said Tommi Leppänen, Area Sales Manager. “We showcased our Folder Gluer 1105 at Scanpack and for those that showed real interest in it, we invited them to our factory. As our building is so close to the expo venue, we gave visitors the option to make a short visit to our factory, where we held a week long Open House.”

At the showroom in Borås, Lamina always displays certain different types of machines, on which they can run trials or conduct training. During the Scanpack exhibition and Open House,  the company showcased its new laminating machine — the Fasline Edge.

“We had customers that we had invited beforehand, who sent over their own materials for hands on trials in Borås,” continued Leppänen. “This was great, as we could show real jobs running through the equipment for all the visitors.”

“The combination of having the Open House together with the Scanpack exhibition turned out to be a very good decision for us, since we ended up with many new customers and interesting projects for the future,” said Peter Hjalmarsson, Managing Director of Lamina Systems AB. “Customers came from all around Europe and resulted in a few orders as well, rounding off a great week for us.”