Burgopak triple win at the GDUSA 58th Annual awards

The GDUSA Annual Awards showcase the best in show of Marketing, Packaging and Graphic design from around the world.  Packaging designers at Burgopak took home three awards at this years GDUSA 58th Annual awards in partnership with Stephen Gould and clients Knab and Moon Ultra.

Working closely with Stephen Gould, creative studios and client managers for Moon Ultra, together they designed the innovative and captivating packaging design for MOON Ultralight 2 mobile lighting accessory to keep your content brighter than ever. The chic and minimalist product design is mirrored by every form of the packaging, from the sleek sliding mechanism, famous to Burgopak studios, to the luxury and tactile ribbon pull complimenting black core board, white ink detail and matt lamination finish.

Promoting a different way to bank – the second awards recognises work with Knab – a young online bank in The Netherlands. Knab focuses on digital innovation, human service, and transparent service provision. Their name says a lot about what drives them. They flipped the script on other banks – quite literally (bank – knab) and they do things differently. Right from the start of the customer experience, Knab welcomes new customers in a positive and surprising way. No standard, boring letter but with a warm welcome with a human touch.

Presented in an optimised cabrio design, the packaging is both inviting and intriguing. At the pull of a tab the cover appears to move upwards to hide within the pack while simultaneously extending the inner tray to unveil the bank card in an eye-catching and inviting product presentation. The packaging is more than a vessel for transport but an extension of the customer experience, invoking thought and leaving a strong and lasting impression that the customer experience matters. Compact and easy to open, product retrieval is simple and the message, welcoming, and engaging.

The third award goes to Burgopak for a B2B campaign encouraging more inclusive design in the loyalty and incentives sector during Pride month 2021 entitled: Design for Everyone. Be Part of the Change. Addressing the industry trend to genderise gift card design the campaign did away with stereotypes and gendered colour palettes to explore the wider potential for inclusive design.



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