Buckeye Corrugated pledges additional $100,000 to ICPF

The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) has confirmed that Buckeye Corrugated, Inc. (BCI), longtime supporter, has pledged an additional $100,000 to support the foundation’s programs and services.

“We are grateful to have BCI’s continued support,” said Caitlin Salaverria, President, ICPF. “In addition to the time and valuable input that BCI commits to the foundation through serving on our Board of Directors and Talent Acquisition Committee, we appreciate this pledge which will allow us to continue the foundation’s work to grow the labor force of the corrugated packaging industry.”

ICPF is currently strengthening existing programs and services, while expanding their work to address other critical needs. This has included creating a social media presence, building partnerships with the education community, beginning to expand student and faculty knowledge at trade schools and community colleges, and developing marketing/communications tools to promote the many benefits of choosing a career in corrugated packaging.

“Something we understand very well at BCI is the importance of having exceptional people on our team. They keep our business growing and thriving.  BCI is proud to support ICPF in its efforts to educate and attract new talent to our industry because they are our future,” said Jaime Kolligian, General Counsel and SVP, BCI.

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