Brodnax 21c enhances print with In-Line Foil from Eagle Systems

Eagle Systems, Inc. has confirmed that Brodnax 21c has installed an Eco-Eagle Cold Foil Module on their eight-color Heidelberg press.

The installation was completed in late 2022 with one customer in mind and is already creating a demand among the area’s prominent retail and brand packaging customers.

“A smooth installation enabled us to begin generating real product to satisfy our partnering relationship with a customer and now we’re expanding our customer base,” says Jim Singer, Principal at Brodnax (pictured left). “The Eagle System was installed and running live jobs for a sports trading card customer who requested foil. Plus, we’re getting word of mouth inquiries from the most demanding national brands.”

The creative community knows the quality produced by Brodnax 21c Printing. Since the late 1950s, founder John Brodnax showed Dallas creatives lithographic magic. Today, Brodnax 21c employees are still old-school craft printers using the latest tools to provide traditional quality with modern efficiency on a four-building campus in the Dallas metropolitan area.

“We invested in digital printers in the early 2000s,” adds Singer. “In 2013, we added our first wide format flatbed. We’re standardized on the forty-inch Heidelberg presses so that work can flow between presses including jobs destined for the in-line cold foil enhancement. We’ve achieved remarkable efficiency due to the Eagle’s tight resolution and speed matching the press. With the Eagle’s precision we can even rewind a foil perfectly for another pass with same roll of foil.”

He adds, “We’re using cold foil to metalize packaging runs at a total material cost less than half what we would pay for metalized carton stock and running at the full rate the presses are capable of.”

Singer continues, “Seeing our company invest in this technology also builds morale in our staff. Our plant manager saw the Eagle System in action at a trade show. Eagle President, Mike King, fulfilled on all promises from delivery date to training and even after operational sign-off, he sent us his best trainer to train additional operators. If anything, he under-promised how it performs by 75% and over delivered on service. We couldn’t be happier with this vendor relationship. Mike was not only critical to the success of the start-up but has continued to support us. The Eagle sits on a Heidelberg XL 8 color with heavy LED and Mercury curing capacity. The training and support was exceptional and we have cold foil imaged and printed inline close to 10 million 28×40 in the last six months. We are also interested in the cast and cure Eagle System and will likely make that investment in 2024.”

“We’ve experienced an increasingly rapid global adoption of cold foil in recent years,” said Mike King, President and CEO, Eagle Systems. “Cold Foil enables service providers to offer their customers an innovative option that transcends the demands of their most high-end customers. Simply stated, it gives them the ability to say ‘yes’ to more projects, with less time and money required to make it happen.”

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