BP Agnati in South Africa

BP Agnati has opened a service center in South Africa, in collaboration with their representative, Charles Garisch of Allans Correquip. Based in Cape Town, Allans Corruquip has represented Agnati in South Africa since 2003.

Riaan van Niekerk, after extensive training in Italy, will serve the Agnati customers in South Africa. He has worked in the industry for several years, is an electrical engineer and also has many years of experience in mechanical maintenance and installations, thanks to his previous working experience with Agnati machinery. Van Niekerk will be able to supply remote service through the VPN connection that most of the customers have, as well as fast local intervention.

BP Agnati has a large customer base in South Africa, with equipemt in most of the major corrugating companies in the region; they see this market to have a strong potential for further growth. “We believe that success in the market and further business development are dependant on the service capability we can provide,” explains Michael Schmiedt, Sales Director, BP Agnati. “We will in the near future create a stock of critical spare parts in the service centre in Cape Town so that we are able to respond quickly, when the need arises.”

Riaan van Niekerk

Riaan van Niekerk

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