Boxing Clever Ahead of October’s HFSS Legislation

The face of UK supermarkets is changing thanks to the proposed HFSS (high fat, sugar and salt) legislation. Positioning of certain goods within stores will move to comply with the HFSS legislation changes set to be introduced in October 2022. These goods include sugary and salty snacks, fizzy drinks and ‘junk food’. What’s more, the new law applies to both in-store and e-commerce goods.

Designed to promote a healthy lifestyle in a bid to combat the UK’s obesity crisis, this revolutionary law will change how sweet and overly salty food will be advertised and positioned in supermarkets – which packaging plays a big part in.

Tempting displays of sweets and snacks at the checkout have moved to the aisles, and the placement of other products has also been affected. So, your brand must stand out in a very crowded space. Our distinctive, sustainable packaging solutions are designed to help speak to the hearts and minds of your customers.

HFSS Movement

The need for a brand to stand out is more important than ever. Smurfit Kappa says that using its ShelfSmart merchandising service, you can benefit from packaging and design expertise that’s been proven to boost sales cost-effectively. The ShelfSmart service will allow you to compare how your goods fare against your competitors.

Consumer purchasing trends continue to pave the way regarding packaging design. Research shows that 8/10 of customers will walk away from a retailer due to unsustainable packaging. This affects both online and in-store products.

You’ll need to ensure that your products are retail-ready. That means making sure your packaging is easy to identify, so store personnel can quickly find the product, easy to open (but robust enough to endure transit), easy for consumers to identify and easy to dispose of responsibly once it’s no longer needed.

The HFSS legislation need not be seen as an industry setback. This might be the moment you have been waiting for, the catalyst for change and a chance to refresh your brand. Switch from plastic to sustainable packaging, and your customers will applaud and reward you for it. Research shows that 64% of consumers will only buy products if wrapped in sustainable packaging, give them what they want and make sure you’re not alienating your brand from almost two-thirds of the market.

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