Boxes Inc takes first Beam 2C in Americas

Boxes Inc was the first company in the USA to install the Highcon® Beam 2C digital finishing system for corrugated earlier this year.

The company added the Beam 2C to their digital workflow primarily to support their online, customized packaging web-to-pack site, Xceed but is now also expanding usage to support other more traditional parts of their organization. Describing the install as an easy ramp-up, Boxes Inc. benefitted most from the increased speed-to-market afforded by the digital finishing technology.

Jason Mueller, Sr. Vice President, General Manager, said, “We have installed a number of new machines over the last few years, and this was the easiest ramp-up I have been part of. Within weeksm we were routing and running 10 to 15 production orders a day on the Highcon.”

Mike Ciaramella, V.P. Sales & General Manager, Highcon Americas, added, “The close relationship between Boxes Inc. and our team has been key to their highly successful implementation of our technology. We look forward to continuing to support their business in the future.”

Boxes Inc. is currently running 2 shifts, substantially improving their overall efficiency, Jason Mueller adds: “We have benefited most from the speed to market improvements the system has provided. We no longer have the delay from ordering tooling. We have reduced our delivery time by more than 40%.”

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