Boxen Emballage choose Baysek

Denmark-based privately owned sheet plant Boxen Emballage have purchased an automatic die-cutter from Baysek Machines. The EL-150 automatic die-cutter has a maximum sheet size of 1220mm x 1320mm, but can extended to 2130mm x 1320mm for companies producing larger work.

Robert Jess, UK & Europe Sales Manager at Baysek said, “Boxen Emballage produce a variety of work from small to medium runs to larger bespoke work and they quickly identified the need for our machine to be incorporated as part of their ongoing business growth and strategy for diversifying in today’s ever changing market place. Rune Jorgensen, owner of Boxen Emballage, decided to choose the larger sheet format machine for their big box business.”

The machine will be installed in March 2021.

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