Box Latch™ creates cost savings and supply chain efficiencies for US-based retailer

Box Latch Europe®, a manufacturer of reusable corrugated box closure solutions, has supplied two New Jersey-based department store distribution centers, with their Box Latch carton closure device. The reusable product provides a sustainable alternative to traditional tape, staples, glue, bands and folded flaps. Its use created significant supply chain efficiencies resulting in over $500,000 (£400K) in cost savings.

The retailer’s distribution centers receive excess clothing stock and household goods from other US retail and inventory storage centres. The boxed material arrives in containers on pallets or is bulk loaded. On arrival, closure tape on the boxes is cut to allow them to be opened for label ticketing or tagging before moving on conveyors to other areas in the distribution centres. Prior to the introduction of the Box Latch product, this required opening, closing and taping the boxes multiple times or leaving box flaps open, which could snag during conveying or interfere with the manual operation.

With the use of Box Latches, cartons arriving at the distribution centers are opened once and re-closed using the device. The boxes then move along the conveyor line where tickets or tags are placed on each item. During this process, Box Latch secures the boxes throughout their journey. The distribution centers also use Box Latch Products’ reusable Clip & Stack innovation.  This invention is used with one on each corner of corrugated boxes to hold box flaps open and down while filling, emptying or transporting contents, The device is ideal for pick & pack, kitting, assembly cells, inventory management, QA inspection and many more supply chain situations.

“When I arrived, our box handling and inventory processing system was a labour-intensive process in need of innovation. Using the durable Box Latch device provided an amazingly simple and financially successful solution,” commented a spokesperson. “We get e-mails from DC supervisors and managers who praise the easy use and efficiencies of the Box Latch products. We expect to be able to report similar savings as we measure the benefit of the Clip & Stack products as this year progresses.”

Box Latch products are manufactured and distributed in the UK & Europe by Item Products. Julian Cook, Managing Director, said, “Following the retailer’s investment of over £30,000 in Box Latch and Clip & Stack products, the new system for opening and closing boxes multiple times at their distribution centres has produced significant cost savings of over £400,000 to-date. This represents an ROI of nearly 13 times the original investment within seven months – and, as both products are reusable, the retailer will keep using their purchase for years to come.”

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