Bobst Group full year 2023

Bobst Group reports record high sales and strong financial results in 2023.

Sales increased to CHF 1.960 bn (CHF 1.841 bn in 2022), with an operating result (EBIT) of CHF 147m (CHF 141m in 2022). The Net result was CHF 119m (CHF 115m in 2022).

The company reports lower order entries than in 2022, but record high sales for the full year 2023. The year-end backlog for both machines and services is therefore lower than at the end of 2022. Both operating and net result reached strong levels. Customer satisfaction is improving step by step as the supply chain situation has improved significantly since summer 2023.

Bobst Group says it is confident of having another good year in 2024 in spite of the known risks, in particular the overall economic situation in several markets and the numerous geopolitical tensions which might have a negative impact on the Group’s results. For the full year 2024, the Group is currently expecting sales and operating result (EBIT) to be lower than the levels reached in 2022.

“The global economy faces instability on a lot of fronts with tensions between nations impacting global markets and investment moods. The IMF foresees global growth at 2.9% with adjustments to inflation expectations. Much of this growth will be driven by the emerging markets activity while it remains weak in advanced economies,” said Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO. “The attention in 2024 will revolve around the topics of the geopolitics, growth, cost optimisation, digitalization and energy. They will drive economic decisions and policy responses.”

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