BOBST adds Jumbo to portfolio

BOBST’s industry vision is to provide end-to-end solutions to its customers and to enhance its offering, fully embedded with the industry workflow, leading to full digitalization, connectivity and automation. The company has increased its capacity by investing in large size flexo printer slotters, flexo folder gluers and robotics.

Through this expansion, Bobst will offer an additional solution for large-size applications through a new JUMBO solution. This is a large format flexo folder gluer, enabling the production of large-size, high-strength boxes, including stitching and taping. Robotics technology further expands the offer with peripheral equipment, making digitalization the brain of operational performance.

“With the variety and number of required corrugated boxes increasing, there has never been a greater need for choice in the flexo folder gluer segment and peripheral equipment,” said Jean-Pascal Bobst. “With this addition, Bobst has a full portfolio of solutions, ensuring our customers will always find the one that meets their exact needs. The new JUMBO solution is an excellent option for anyone seeking to produce large-size, high-strength boxes for protection.”

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