Board machine upgrade completed at Umka Cardboard Mill

Umka Cardboard Mill of Russia have completed the reconstruction of its board machine, together with all activities related to one of the most important investments in the history of the mill. Despite the complexity and size of the investment, as well as the obstacles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s team of engineers, together with Valmet, managed to carry out the project and works in accordance with project deadlines.

During this project, with a total investment of €30m, significant changes and improvements were made to the machine, the most significant of which are:

  •  Reconstruction of the former section(installation of completely new fourdrinier forming section);
  •  Reconstruction of the press section (installation of jumbo press);
  •  Reconstruction of the coating section (installation of Curtain coater);
  •  Installation of new winder.

The company has confirmed that investments and further modernisation of the mill will be continued and be completed next year, with the construction of a new mass preparation line, as well as a new biological wastewater treatment plant.

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