Blanking in perfection with the alublanker

With its alublanker blanking tool, Marbach ensures efficient blanking processes with maximum precision. But that’s not all – thanks to its aluminium design, the alublanker is very light. This makes handling much easier for users during packaging production.

The alublanker is a special blanking tool lower part, that is manufactured from a single piece and in a single milling operation. The separating grid is made of aluminum and is completely CNC machined.

Bernhard Reisser, folding carton industry manager, Marbach, says, “Our customers are delighted with the low weight of the alublanker. It is more than 50% lighter than a conventional compact blanker. This makes handling much easier for users when installing the blanking tool in the die-cutting machine.” For Marbach’s customers, this means time and as a result, saving costs.”

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