Blackmore adds Komori Lithrone to add carton print capacity

Following a £1.5m investment in a Komori GL540, UK-based Blackmore has installed a second five-colour plus coater B1 Komori GL540 advance and a Ricoh Pro C9200 digital press.

The extended range of equipment means that Blackmore can offer additional services and capacity to customers, as well as working with other providers who may not have access to some or all these services. The investments will allow Blackmore to expand the packaging side of its business as both litho and digital press can print on cartonboard. The combination of the two new litho presses provides a range of benefits, including 5 colour print (4 colour plus a corporate colour or opaque white), print up to B1 in size, in-line UV coatings, fast turnaround with instant drying, and PQA camera technology with defect detection and full inline colour control.

Andrew Robbins, Managing Director, said “The last few years have been tough on businesses, including the printing industry. Businesses have had to plough through the effects of the pandemic, deal with rising costs as well as respond to shortages in the labour market. However, we at Blackmore believe that there are always opportunities to be found, even from tough times. During the pandemic, we looked for new opportunities by collaborating with other UK printers and suppliers to provide additional print services, mitigating other areas of the business that were temporarily affected by the situation. This worked really well for us and our suppliers, and we are looking to continue and expand on our collaborations. Not only are we looking to work with other suppliers, we are also happy to offer our services to other businesses, too. With our full complement of equipment, we can offer a wider range of print services than ever, backed up by our eco-credentials.”

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