Blackline for FOT Imprimeurs

Peter Hjalmarsson, Managing Director, Lamina System AB, has confirmed the company recently installed a Blackline sheet to sheet laminator at FOT IMPRIMEURS in Lyon, France, at the end of the spring this year.

Founded in 1957 in suburbs of Lyon, FOT Imprimeurs was acquired by Groupe STF in 2017. Currently with 130 employees, FOT now occupies a factory of 22,000 sqm near the Lyon international airport, close to both the Swiss and the Italian boarders. One of its major customers, who produce educational games as part of a goodies package for children of +3 years of age, undertook a project to move away from plastic products and concentrate on paper-based products and alternatives. FOT therefore had to come up with an industrial solution to replace the more rigid plastics, and decided to invest in the Blackline laminator. This enables them to laminate different paper stocks together and create a solid and rigid paper alternative to the less environmentally friendly plastic.

“The Lamina team were excellent in the help they offered through the purchasing and installation process and accompanied our team through training and after sales service,” said Patrick Lamercerie, Production Manager. “Our customers are delighted with this solution, and also being able to sign their products ‘Made in France’ has boosted their sales.”

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