Biopax confirms another investment

Biopax Ltd is gearing up for its latest investment. The company is set to introduce a rotary flexographic paper wraps printing and packing machine at its facility. This addition is poised to make a substantial difference in Biopax’s on-the-go deli and quick-serve restaurant solutions for the UK and Ireland markets.

Left to right: Niamh Flannery, Alister Farmer, Liam O’Connor, Terry Cross OBE and Greg Prescott.

For years, the demand for paper-wrapped food products in the UK and Ireland has relied heavily on imports from Asia and Europe but Biopax’s latest multi-million-pound investment will boost the domestic paper wraps supply by over 500 million units per year, significantly reducing the need for imported products.

Biopax’s paper wraps will also meet sustainability goals, offering recyclability, re-pulpability, and compostability, while maintaining exceptional barrier performance against hot foods, salads, and sauces, thanks to plant-based grease barrier coatings.

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