Bio-based SolarFlow Green suction press roll cover ensures more sustainable paper production

With SolarFlow Green, Voith is setting yet another standard for paper manufacturing products made of renewable raw materials.

The suction press roll cover is certified according to the internationally recognised DIN CERTCO standard for bio-based products. The cover combines all the advantages of the proven SolarFlow technology while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint. This innovation is in line with Voith’s long-standing commitment and ambitious goals to promote sustainability in both paper manufacturing and its own production.

SolarFlow Green is a premium polyurethane roll cover and boasts a maximum void volume that remains constant over a long operating period. “Achieving a high dry content is extremely important to us,” says Robin Linney, Palm Paper Plant Manager at King’s Lynn. “Thanks to SolarFlow Green, we were able to implement our customized surface design, resulting in a high void volume and maximum dewatering in the press section. We achieve this using resource-friendly, sustainable materials. It’s a winning combination for us.”

The polyurethane material with its biobased component also gives the press roll cover a high degree of stability that can withstand extreme nip conditions. This enables not only fast machine speeds with a high dry content but also low energy consumption at the same time.

“With SolarFlow Green, we are the first manufacturer with the ability to offer our customers a suction press roll cover made of biobased materials that has been certified by DIN CERTCO. We look forward to working together with our customers to make paper production even more sustainable and resource-friendly in the future,” says Dr. Christina Bauer, Global Product Manager for Press Roll Covers at Voith.

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