Billerud secures a top ranking as an ‘Attractive Employer’

Billerud has been named one of Sweden’s most attractive employers in 2023, according to the Young Professional Attraction Index (YPAI), a survey conducted by Academic Work in collaboration with Kantar Sifo.

“We are proud to once again be recognised as one of Sweden’s most attractive employers. This is a testament to the fact that Billerud’s sustainable leadership and inclusive corporate culture are designed to provide young professionals with the tools and environment they need for professional development and career success.” said Jimmy Hayashi, Director of People Development, Billerud.

Academic Work, in partnership with Kantar Sifo, has established a measure of employer attractiveness among students and early-career professionals, known as the Young Professional Attraction Index. A young professional, in this context, isn’t necessarily defined by age but rather by being in the early stages of their career with 0-5 years of work experience.

“Securing a spot on the top list is a clear indication of the company’s impressive work, characterized by innovation and expertise, which, in turn, appeals to young professionals,” noted Peter Knutsson Frejd, CEO, Academic Work.

This survey, conducted since 2015, included 3,970 participants in the Swedish segment this year. In total, 12,107 individuals from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany took part. The study, administered by Kantar Sifo, encompasses questions regarding the factors that matter most when selecting an employer.

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