Bickers Gluejet for SMP Group

Bickers has confirmed it recently commissioned a Gluejet unit at SMP Group in London, England. The machine was seen on the Bickers stand at Drupa and the company placed an order having seen a demonstration on the stand. The latest options included on the Gluejet include DXF transfers, camera with large screen for programming the glue positions and ‘turbo’ speed, which doubles the previous operating rate. Bickers currently has 43 installations in the UK with many more ongoing projects. The installation was completed in September 2016 and has already proved to be a great asset.

Rick Bleek, Finishing Director at SMP Group, says, “The new Gluejet has been a welcomed addition to our factory by increasing capacity in production and providing a much more streamlined process than using hand-held glue guns.”

“The Gluejet is perfect for finishing FSDU/POS display work saving on staff, increasing productivity and giving consistency throughout the job,” explains Neil Thayer of Finishline Machinery, Bickers’ UK sales agent.

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