Bickers GLUEJET® for Gábor-Pack

Bickers has confirmer the sale of another GLUEJET® at Gábor-Pack in Jászberény, Hungary.

Gábor-Pack was founded 1993 and produces different kinds of corrugated packaging in a 2500 sqm production area.

“With our new GLUEJET®17.25 PAi2 XY gluing plotter we are able to glue our standard and speciality packaging with a combination of hotmelt and PVA cold glue automatically,” said Gábor Szabó, owner, Gábor-Pack. “Due to its high speed and accuracy we are able to supply our customers faster with consistently high quality products.”

Left to right: Gábor Szabó (Gábor-Pack Kft.), Fanni Kádár (Grimex Magyarország Kft.) and Stephan Keimer (Bickers GmbH).

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