BHS Corrugated launches CF-A single facer to extend its portfolio

Positioned between the Econo Facer and Modul Facer® in its requirements, the CF-A addresses customers who want to use cassette machines with proven belt technology, especially for lighter grammages.

In the case of single facers, too, innovations not only serve existing needs, they also generate new demands for customers. This involves the broadest possible positioning of the product portfolio as well as the integration of overarching trends in the corrugated board industry – such as the increasing trend towards the use of lighter grammages or the processing of larger ranges as part of the company’s own production line.

With the product launch of the Cassette Facer CF-A, BHS Corrugated has now added another state of the art single facer to its range.

“The CF-A is primarily targeted at the markets in Europe, North America and the Middle East and their growing demands for light paper grades and improved printability,” says Bernhard Müller, Senior Product Manager Equipment. “We can now close a gap in terms of performance that falls between the respective requirement profiles of Econo Facer and Modul Facer®.”

As a conventional single facer equipped with a pressure roll, the Econo Facer EF-P with its working width of 2.8m, its compact, easy-to-integrate machine design and maximum speeds of up to 430 m/min is designed for high performance.

The Modul Facer® MF-A, however, combines the highest quality demands on corrugated board with maximum productivity. In particular, maximum speeds of up to 480 m/min can be realised here with the use of the latest automation technology (belt technology). In between these successful Econo Facer and Modul Facer® models, BHS Corrugated has placed a new single-facer model on the market, the CF-A, which fully meets the expectations for quality and efficiency to which customers are used – without fully exploring all options for high-end automation. The basis for the new development was the technologically sophisticated modular design of the Modul Facer®, which is engineered for intelligent integration. By applying existing solutions and components that have proven their value over many years and can be transferred to the customer. At the same time, the belt technology used in both the MF-A and CF-A ensures optimum quality of the corrugated board surface. This is not only superior for the production of lighter grammages, but also creates the required conditions for printing on the inside of the box as well.

In accordance with this target, the Cassette Facer has integrated system solutions from the MF-A range. The conveyor belt module is identical to that of the MF-A. The motorised cassette infeed, which can be performed from either the drive or the operating side, the complete belt module, and the glue unit with its “soft touch” control are also already approved individual system solutions developed for the MF-A. The central control system uses the touch panels that have long been tried and tested on the MF-A and the visualisation system that can be parameterised extensively to meet individual requirements.

The general safety concept for the housing and machine status is also designed at the highest MF-A level. The CF-A is also available as heavy-duty package for board grades above 600 gsm singlewall board production. Without operating a swivel machine, the design of the Cassette Facer could be held remarkably compact compared to the Module Facer®. This not only enables integration where production space is limited, but also simplifies the retrofits of existing lines, especially due to an easier installation on floor level without foundation pit. The overall reduction of wear parts trims down both maintenance and operation. This is made possible by using vacuum technology, which has been hundreds of times successfully operated by BHS Corrugated customers, to hold the medium to the roll.

In keeping with its own credo, putting operational safety and reliability of corrugators and individual machines at the top of the list, BHS Corrugated has invested two years of development time in the Cassette Facer despite relying on established components. Following the decision-making and preliminary planning phase, the starting signal for the development of the CF-A was given in spring 2020.

Müller concludes, “Like its forerunners, the new CF-A is based on the immense technological knowledge. The first Cassette Facer is now in operation for our customers since October 2022: this with the expected, exceptional performance and the great feedback from the customers answering this. The CF-A is now ready to be ordered and can be delivered as of 2025.”

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