Better with Less – Design Challenge’s jury strive for circularity

The focus of this year’s ‘Better with Less – Design Challenge’ competition is creating easily recyclable and resource-efficient packaging solutions that generate less waste. The competition started on 1 June, and is open till 1 December 2022.  In a newly released video the jury members share their views on circularity and the role designers’ play in achieving it.

Jury member, Andrew Gibbs, believes that the packaging industry is at an inflection point where the move towards circularity is rapidly shifting. 83% of younger consumers have shown that they’re willing to spend more and to pay more for sustainable brands. Fellow jury member Jennifer Patrick thinks that one of the things that is the most challenging part about packaging design is really trying to minimise the amount of material used.

The Better with Less – Design Challenge competition jury includes:

  • Andrew Gibbs, Founder & Editor in Chief, The Dieline
  • Ben Parker, Co-founder of creative design studio Made Thought
  • Brandi Parker, Head of Sustainability, Pearlfisher
  • Brian Collins, Chief Creative Officer, Collins
  • Carin Blidholm Svensson, Creative Director & Founder, BVD
  • Diana Sanchez, Visual Design Associate Manager, Accenture Song
  • Jennifer Patrick, Global Packaging & Brand Director, Patagonia
  • Sian Sutherland, Co-founder, Plastic Planet
  • Ilkka Harju, Packaging Services Director EMEA and APAC, Metsä Board and the jury chairman

The jury will award the three best zero waste packaging designs with €10,000, €3,000 and €2,000 prizes. For student participants there will be an additional award – an internship at the company’s Excellence Centre in Finland.

See the other thoughts on packaging circularity on the new Better with Less – Design Challenge video.

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