Best running performance during rotary die-cutting

Marbach has recently introduced its new high-performance rubber for corrugated rotary cutting-dies.

Under the name marbaject, this new type of rubber has convinced customers with its outstanding technical properties. The running behaviour of a die-cutter is enormously influenced by the rubbering being used. That is why it is so important to equip a cutting-die with the best rubber. In order to ensure the smooth functioning of the die-cutting process, multiple rubbers with different properties are always required for one and the same tool – depending on the point of use. The important thing is that the different rubbers harmonise perfectly with each other.

Ralf Nuyken, industry manager at Marbach, explains, “We have designed the marbaject rubber for use on cutting-dies and that is why we have been able to perfectly match the technical properties of the different hardness grades during its development. marbaject is convincing due to its unbeatable positive technical properties: Thanks to its high rebound elasticity, it ensures optimum ejector function during the die-cutting process, and its high abrasion and wear resistance make it particularly durable. In short, marbaject ensures high performance and greater efficiency in packaging production.”

marbaject is also ISEGA-certified, making it suitable for use in the food sector.

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