Berlekamp is new Group Sustainability Director at Coveris

In a strategic move reaffirming its dedication to sustainability, Coveris has confirmed the appointment of Martin Berlekamp as its new Group Sustainability Director.

A few years ago, Coveris launched its ‘No Waste’ sustainability strategy, committed to fighting waste in all forms. As part of this journey, Coveris recently launched its recycling business, ReCover. The onboarding of Berlekamp, a renowned sustainability expert, completes the Coveris set up, positioning the company to execute its ESG agenda and achieve its aspiration to become a sustainability leader.

Martin Berlekamp who earned a doctorate in Chemistry from the University of M√ľnster, Germany, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise and a proven track record in sustainability and ESG. Previously spearheading the sustainability department at the adapa Group (formerly Schur Flexibles), Martin has consistently driven effective sustainability initiatives for over five years.

Christian Kolarik, CEO, said, “Coveris aspires to lead the European packaging industry’s sustainability journey. Martin’s exceptional blend of experience fits perfectly with our sustainability goals and will help us and our customers to achieve them.”

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