Benefits of ECG printing highlighted in new video

Hamillroad Software has released a new video explaining what Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) printing is and the sustainability benefits. The video highlights how brands and retailers can benefit by switching from using spot or PMS colors in packaging design to using ECG.

ECG printing brings many positive benefits over conventional spot colour use. The wider colour space enabled by ECG delivers more vibrant-looking print output, enhancing the on-shelf ‘wow’ factor. It is also a greener process that reduces the number of environmentally unfriendly chemicals used in print production, including inks and solvents that need to be disposed of in landfills.

Danielle Kinsella, Marketing Director, Hamillroad, said, “ECG isn’t a new concept, in fact, many printers are already utilising it; however, there has been a reluctance to adopt ECG, mainly from brands who want to see like for like reproduction of graphical brand assets that use spot colors. Historically these have been difficult to reproduce due to limitations with screening technology, but with Bellissima DM screening, we have increased the level of image fidelity possible and are making ECG a reality for brands and printers globally. As the video explains, image quality is only one part of the story. The most important takeaway from ECG is the sustainability advantage. By adopting ECG and moving away from using spot or PMS colours, a printer can reduce the number of chemicals and solvents used, which results in less waste and fewer chemicals going into landfills. We hope our video highlights these benefits to brands and encourages them to explore how they, and the planet, can benefit from ECG.”

You can learn more about ECG and watch the video here.

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