Belmark Inc to add second Rapida 106 X

De Pere, WI-based Belmark Inc is expanding yet again, only eighteen months after installing a Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 X 41-inch eight-color press. Due to its continued growth, Belmark’s management team has opted to replicate this press asset for a second duplicate press due this spring.

Left to right: Elise Coon, Operations Manager for folding cartons and Scott Green, product manager for folding cartons.

“Through 45+ years, we’ve maintained our corporate focus on quality, efficiency, and true customer partnerships,” says Karl A. Schmidt, President and CEO, Belmark Inc. “With that philosophy in mind, we’ve created incredible packaging for our broad range of customers, helping them to gain a competitive edge in the market and save money. Our intent is to optimize our manufacturing productivity and ensure the highest quality in the market. We’ve accomplished this by investing in the industry’s leading technology, the highest level of quality and process control, along with total automation. The most important part is the training and education of our valued and talented employees who bring this together for the ultimate customer experience.”

He continues, “This investment in two new high-performance presses from Koenig & Bauer affirms our commitment to delivering the highest quality packaging and complements our dedication to being the industry’s leading state of the art packaging provider with a new facility encompassing over 150,000 sq ft.”

Steve Korn, Director National & Key Accounts, Koenig & Bauer, adds, “This recent investment in a second Rapida 106X press by Belmark, one of the United States’ largest independent printers of folding carton, label, and flexible packaging applications, reflects a strategic decision to further advance their capabilities for their customers. Choosing to reinvest with Koenig & Bauer underscores Belmark’s high-level commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for their expanding folding carton client base. We are confident that this second Rapida 106X press will seamlessly integrate into Belmark’s folding carton operations, driving increased production, providing advanced capabilities to their clients and contributing to Belmark’s sustained growth while upholding their commitment to high-quality and on-time service that they are known for in the folding carton industry.”

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