Behaviour-Based Safety project for RDM in Villa Santa Lucia mill

Following the involvement of its Santa Giustina mill as a pilot plant for a the Behaviour-Based Safety project (BBS), RDM‘s Villa Santa Lucia mill has embarked on its own behavioural safety journey as of December 2021.

The program, based on the promotion of safe behaviour through a process of observation by the workers themselves, relies on observations of workers’ safety behaviours, carried out by the workers themselves, who have been properly trained. Then, these observations are analysed and discussed together to increase the number of safe behaviour. The aim of the project is to measure the safety level of behaviour, to implement a protocol to minimise unsafe behaviour and to reduce the risk of accidents at work.

After the presentation of the project to the employees, the project and training phases are in progress in the Villa Santa Lucia mill. In the meantime, the BBS protocol implementation continues with positive outcomes also in the company’s Santa Giustina mill.

This project is one of the eight sustainability goals to which the RDM Group committed at the beginning of 2021.

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