Beaker retires from CGC, Roque is promoted

Container Graphics Corporation (CGC) has confirmed the retirement of Vice President and Regional Manager, William (Bill) Beaker. He began his career in the cutting die industry in 1977 as a die maker with Tech Steel Rule Die in Marysville, Michigan. Tech Steel Rule Die was acquired by Container Graphics in 1982. Over the years, Beaker rose through the company as Production Manager, Sales Manager, General Manager, and Regional Manager. At the time of his retirement he had worked over 43 years for the company and was a member of its Board of Directors.

At a recent company gathering to celebrate his career with Container Graphics, Neil Saunders, President and CEO, said, “Bill helped lead the company in laser cutting, international exports, and has been a champion of innovation and automation. He has been a great supporter and developer of the people that have worked on his teams. Bill is excellent at promoting and developing talent.”

Oscar Roque, Vice President-International Exports, has been promoted to Vice President and Regional Manager of the company’s northeast region. He has successfully led international exports for the company for over twenty years. In addition to his responsibilities as Regional Manager, he will continue to be responsible for the company’s international exports team.

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