B&B Triplewall Containers chooses Voith BlueLine OCC stock preparation

Indian board producer B&B Triplewall Containers Limited has chosen to partner with Voith with the order of a BlueLine OCC stock preparation and advanced approach flow system for its PM 1 at the mill in Krishnagiri.

With a capacity of 250 tons per day, the new stock preparation line will consistently supply high-quality OCC pulp for the production of stable containerboard. In addition, the full-line supplier Voith will provide engineering for the process and plant, as well as automation, and will supervise construction. The rebuilt plant is scheduled to start up before the end of 2022.

Left to right: Manish Bothra (B&B Triplewall Containers), Manish Gupta (B&B Triplewall Containers), Supratim Pan (Voith Paper India) and Ashis Talukdar (Voith Paper India).

Manish Bothra, Director, B&B Triplewall Containers, said, “We are delighted to have Voith as our partner for this transformative diversification project for us. We are impressed by Voith’s know-how and experience in this field and the great feedback we have received from Voith’s many successful references in India. In addition to the superior technological base, one of the key factors in our decision was the local Voith Paper India team with its knowledge and on-site services.”

“Voith is proud to work with B&B Triplewall Containers,” says Supratim Pan, Sales and Application Manager, Voith Paper. “B&B Triplewall Containers sets standards in the papermaking field and is committed to project success, paving the way for a long-term partnership. Our BlueLine stock preparation system with proven and sustainable solutions will ensure the highest customer value and lowest total cost of ownership.”

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